I LOVE painting. Creating my own world. To jump in a new story. I have been painting for over more than 20 years and my passion has not been decreased. On this site you will find some examples of my painted world. Enjoy!

Pop Art – New Experiment in 2017

This year I decided to try something new and I now experience with the aim to work with emotions regarding the present digitalised and quickly changing world. As these are complex topics I want to paint in an easygoing style. And of couse, it makes fun to paint in this “Comic style”!

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It`s a crazy world

Jump in a world of crazyness. The last work of my last serie is called “Waiting Loop – Be careful” – collage and acrylics on canvas. Painted in 2016.


Enclosed find another example of the last serie (2016) as well as a little making of.

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Created in 2012 – 2015. Acrylics on canvas. All paintings of this serie have the same content: two persons, two topics or even two kinds to be watched.

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